From Elena Stoykovich To My Community.

During the Ward 3 Councillors Candidates debates at Rogers TV debate candidates were not really given the opportunity to ask the questions. All candidates were only supposed to answer the questions created by the organizers of the debate.

If I will be given the opportunity to ask questions, I would ask Fonseca the following questions.
  1. On Mar 21, 2013 Mississauga News published that “Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca was the biggest spender last year…”
    • What was the budget spent on?
    • Who prioritised and made the decision on the spending?
    • Did you send to Ward 3 residents yearly reports on breakdown of the money spending?
  2. Our taxes were significantly increased during your four year mandate at the City.
    • What revenue in dollar amount will be generated from this tax increase?
    • Where will this additional income be invested?
  3. Budget for our emergency services was decreased.
    • Why?
    • What savings will be generated from cutting emergency services and where will be invested?
  4. Garbage pick-up is planned to be reduced from weekly to bi-weekly.
    • The same questions – Why? And
    • Where will these savings be invested?
  5. The flyer provided by you for this election contains the exact same promises as the last election’s flyer.
    • Did you deliver your promises from your flyer given to the community at the last election?
    • Why are you promising the same things for this election?
    • Half of the promises from your flyer(s) are not under your authority. Do you believe your authorities will be changed?
  6. The City received request from the builder for rezoning and new development for the Rathburn Rd. and Ponytrail Dr. location (across the Longos). Few meetings have been held and residents voted against the new development. It was your direct responsibility as City Councillor to submit official comments and community concerns to the Urban Planning Department. You have not submitted any official comments to the Urban Development Department on this proposed new development.
    • Why?
    • All comments on new development are supposed to have urban development ground. What is your experience in urban development and urban planning, a crucial skill for a city Councillor?
    • Have you ever submitted similar comments?
  7. You changed your education credentials in your flyers and on your website a few times.
    • Why?
    • What is your formal education?
    • Do you have any work experience?
    • Is your City Councillor position your first job?
  8. As a member of the City Council you had to make important decisions on budget, planning, risk management, analysing, estimating, prioritising, etc.
    • What is your knowledge and experience on the all of the above skills?
  9. Elections lawn signs for your campaign are very expensive and residents paid their cost from tax dollars. The City also has regulations for sign installation. The City removed dozens of your inappropriately installed signs.
    • Why, as a City employee, do you not respect the City’s regulations? It cost a lot of our tax money.
  10. You advised me that millions of dollars were spent on poverty and affordable housing.
    • What is the actual dollar amount spent on the poverty and affordable housing?
    • How many people were helped and how?
  11. Since last elections, our taxes have significantly increased, the cost of public transportation has increase, electricity cost increased, gridlock has become critical, the budget for emergency services has been reduced, and our overall living standard has shrunk. We pay higher taxes and we have lower standards. Taxes do not magically increase; they increase only when our elected officials vote for tax increase.
    • What are your personal proposals, achievements, and impact to the City Council during your four-year mandate?
    • What are the community priorities you addressed during your four-year mandate?
    • What are the high priority issues that must be addressed during the next four-year mandate by the City Councillor; and what are your proposals on their solutions?

This time around, make the right choice. Elect the right professional who will represent your voice and your thoughts on the City Council.

On Oct 27, 2014 - Vote Elena Stoykovich For Ward 3 City Councillor, Mississauga

Working for you,Elena Stoykovich

Elena Stoykovich, M.Sc., PMP®, C.E.T.

To find where to vote go to:, City Hall, Elections, click on click here to find your poll location,
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