If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.
- Andrew Carnegie

I am a professional who loves our city. I want to participate. I am ready to take responsibility and move our city forward. I want to build a beautiful, livable, pedestrian-friendly, green, clean, and safe community.


My Commitments to You

I am a professional who keep my word.

Elena Stoykovich, M.Sc., PMP®, C.E.T.

Heavy gridlock, expensive and inefficient transportation. We need more professionals in our City Council to deal with this problems.

Solving gridlock. I am a professional and I have realistic proposals for new concepts of transportation, with no heavy trucks through the city, and creating pedestrian-friendly zones. I have successfully managed projects aimed at solving gridlock and improving transportation. We need one transportation system for all of GTA and one fare across the GTA. This will significantly reduce the quantity of vehicles. I also support extension of the subway to Mississauga.

Poor in-home services for our seniors.

Better in-home services for seniors. I have had preliminary consultations and I will launch a new program for our seniors. Students, youth will help to our elderly residents with lawn mowing and shovelling snow in exchange for credits.

Shortage of jobs for young people.
Expensive sports activities.

Jobs. Affordable sport activities fort youth. It is our high priority and direct responsibility to create jobs for young people. I also support affordable fitness, sports activities for our children and youth.

Inefficient infrastructure.
Inappropriate capacity of the roads.
Shrinking green spaces and poor pedestrian walking areas.
Flooded homes caused by inadequate disproportionate growth of development and infrastructure.

Smart Development and Infrastructure. Making Mississauga a pedestrian-friendly city.
I hold a M.Sc. in City Development and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, C.E.T., and PMP®.

I have successfully managed various multi-million–dollar projects and developments all over the world. I have extensive experience in Smart Development, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Congestion.
I also have extensive experience in protecting homes from flooding.
I will distribute written educational material on what can be changed with little to no budget, in order to protect our homes from flooding. Sometimes, it is not as difficult or expensive as people think.

Significant tax increases.
Inefficient nor transparent budgeting.
Inappropriate spending.

Taxes and budget. I have successfully managed multi-million–dollar budgets; I have required education and experience. We need to know exactly when and what is going to happen, and how much it’s going to cost us. We need to know when to expect tax increases and why. We should manage our own budgets; we don’t want surprises. We need a strong leader who will be able to evaluate, analyze, prioritize, and understand complexity and the cost of our basic needs. Good planning will keep our taxes stable.

Reduced budget for emergency services.
Initiative to reduce garbage pick-up from weekly to bi-weekly.

Emergency Services. Garbage pick-up. I do not support the declining quality of our emergency services neither bi-weekly garbage pick-up; however, if we are able to spend this saved money to improve our transportation, reduce gridlock, or keep our emergency services on the same effective level, I will support bi-weekly garbage pick-up.

Selective support.

I will provide you with the best services I am your neighbour and I have the same issues as you do. All your concerns are my concerns also. Your expectations on how we should spend our tax dollars are my expectations. I will have close contact with you. I will provide you with leadership, I will be your representative, your strong voice, your eyes, your ears, and your advocate. I will help everyone, no mutter who you are, where you are coming from, or what age you are.