From Elena Stoykovich To My Community.

With just a few days left until Election Day I am asking you to read this letter before making your decision to elect your City Councillor for the next four-year mandate.

It is essential to analyze the flyers we all received, not just read them. Remember – you are hiring your City Councillor. What would you expect from someone who you hire and pay? To do a good job. What jobs need to be done? The public decides and the City Councillors put the public’s decisions into action. The City Councillor is supposed to be knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified to propose solutions and execute decisions. We pay our City Councillors – and we ask for the results.

Analyse our City Councillor’s spending over the past four years. Take a look at the excessive use of her advertising signs for the campaign, funded by our tax dollars, as another proof of poor budgeting skills and overspending. Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

Everybody can manage (spend) unlimited money and increase taxes anytime they are short for money. The talent is to manage limited budgets, make savings, plan profitable projects, and get most return on every tax dollar.

Where to get the money? We have to deal with the fact that our City’s budget is limited. To manage it we need to produce a Plan, Estimate, Schedule of expenses and payments. We have to Track, Analyse, regularly Re-Estimate and Update plan and schedule on weekly / monthly, quarterly / yearly basis; and stay on our Planned Budget, Schedule, and Estimate.

If we regularly track expenses and compare them with the Plan we can easily see discrepancies. In that case we need to re-analyse, re-estimate, correct, re-direct resources, change the scope, and get back on planned and estimated track. It is like your home budget. You first pay your “must” payments and then decide if you have excess for the luxury. Why do we do different with our tax dollars? Why did we spend our tax dollars on “6,000 trees”, if we haven’t covered our basic needs? Why do we have misspending?

We need more professionals on our City Council; and the Project Management qualification I hold is just right to deal with the City budget and planning.

To prevent further tax increase we have to prioritise the money available on projects which will generate profit directly and indirectly. For example, an investment into a projects such as a stadium, which can host international and local events, or pedestrian only zone with income generating commercial and tourist facilities will generate profit to the city which can then be used to pay for “6,000 trees” projects which generate no income.

My opposing candidates only promise how they will attempt to spend or save our money. What I promise is to bring new fresh ideas to use our money on projects that will make us money. Money, if used correctly and with a clever plan, makes money. By doing so, no further increase in taxes will be required.

Please find some tips below. They may help you to make the right decision.

  1. Do you agree on how and where YOUR tax money was spent within the past four years?
  2. Do you believe YOUR tax dollars were spent wisely and on top priorities at all?
  3. In the last election we were made promises. Were those promises kept?
  4. Please be sure you understand what SNAP is, what “Corridors Plan” is, what “Hydro Corridor” means, what “audit program to protect tenants and homeowners” means, what “reinvest and revitalize neighbourhoods” and “flood prevention strategy” implies, and what the cost of all of the above is?
  5. We replaced water-main because its capacity cannot support growing development and population density. Gridlock is out of control. Green spaces are shrinking, basements were flooded. Not to mention the capacity of our water treatment plans, inefficient public transportation, and gridlocked emergency routes, etc. Complete infrastructure is in serious condition and we must address this problem immediately without delay. Development in our city needs to be better managed. Smart Development is the key to keeping our infrastructure under control.
  6. Do you know that water-main capacity, sewage, waste water treatment plant(s), trafo, roads, schools, hospitals, population density and green space areas are supposed to be analysed prior to the approval of any new development? If any of these specified services do not support a proposed new development, then development either cannot be approved, can be approved after capacities of the services are improved, or approved partially.
  7. Do you know what “opposed” to the development means? Only officially filed comments and concerns are taken into consideration; all filed concerns have to have urban planning grounds. Your votes against any developments, with no urban planning ground, will not be taken into consideration. No official comments from our City Councillor were filed regarding new Rathburn/Ponytrail development proposal (across the Longo’s). Chris Fonseca advised me at least twice in front of the public, that there is no application filed. Why? Our community has also previously voted against construction of new development (townhouses) on Burnhamthorpe/Ponytrail, but the development went ahead (after changes) and was completed anyway.
  8. We’ve already been promised that gridlock will be reduced. We are being promised the same thing again. Do you see any proposed efficient solutions? We need short-term and long-term solutions, and all decisions must be based on proper calculations and studies. As a long term solution I support extension of the subway to Mississauga. There are few short term solutions that need to be analysed and calculated.
  9. We need traffic lights to be centralized but this alone will not solve gridlock; it will only slightly reduce travelling time, and not for long. Do you know what will be the cost of this? 

Give me the chance to be involved in our budgeting and planning. Tax dollars are OUR money that we are supposed to spend on our basic needs, and that money should be spent wisely. To spend it wisely we must produce short term and long term plans; and I know how to do it. We need transparency, we need to be better informed, and we need better communication. Be clever and make the right decision. You hire the City Councillor – ask for the results. Are you satisfied with the results in the past four years?

My point is – before spending a dollar, we need to produce a realistic plan and detailed estimate. Planning is not an easy thing, it requires a lot of knowledge and extensive professional experience. Professional planning and budgeting are the keys to keeping our taxes stable. Think about well-known expression: “If you fail to plan – plan to fail”. For this election, let’s plan to succeed.

On Oct 27, 2014 - Vote Elena Stoykovich For Ward 3 City Councillor, Mississauga

Working for you,Elena Stoykovich

Elena Stoykovich, M.Sc., PMP®, C.E.T.

To find where to vote go to:, City Hall, Elections, click on click here to find your poll location,
or call me at 416-628-8279