From Elena Stoykovich To My Community.

We are all fortunate enough to live in Canada, where we have the power to elect officials we believe are the best leaders for our community.

Since last election, our taxes have significantly increased, the cost of public transportation has increased, electricity cost has increased, gridlock has become critical, the budget for emergency services has been reduced, and our overall living standard has shrunk.

What do we have today? We pay higher taxes and we have lower standards. Taxes do not magically increase; they increase only when our elected officials vote for tax increase.

On October the 27th we are challenged to make a decision. Will we improve our lives or will we blame others? Or, perhaps, we will just stand aside and see what will happen.

We have already lost enough time, and we cannot bear to lose any more. We have to roll up our sleeves and work together; and we shall not fail. Let's change direction, let's move forward.

If this is what you want - vote for me. Let's stand together today for our better tomorrow. This time around, make the right decision. Elect the right professional who will represent your voice and your thoughts on the City Council. I ask for your vote.

On Oct 27, 2014 - Vote Elena Stoykovich For Ward 3 City Councillor, Mississauga

Working for you,Elena Stoykovich

Elena Stoykovich, M.Sc., PMP®, C.E.T.

To find where to vote go to:, City Hall, Elections, click on click here to find your poll location,
or call me at 416-628-8279