“I am here because I want to make our community better”.
Elena Stoykovich.

Elena and her husband live in Mississauga's Ward 3 with their two sons.

Elena is a highly educated professional who worked all over the world. She is holding Masters Degree (M.Sc.) in Urban Planning, a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Civil Engineering, a Project Manager Professional certificate (PMP®) and she is a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET).

Elena was granted OACETT award for significant contribution to engineering technology and for her volunteer work in Ontario.
Elena mentoring young project managers and she is a member of Board of directors of OACETT for Peel region.

Elena is a very active member of our community. Her volunteer work makes difference for many people. To get youth away from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, Elena Stoykovich decided to help them get a gym membership they could afford. She negotiated and launched Elena Stoykovich Youth Program at half the regular price of the membership and got support from Minister of Sport, Members of Parliament, Chuvalo, boxing undisputed heavyweight champion of Canada. Elena was thrilled Chuvalo was able to encourage youth and motivate them to achieve better health through physical fitness. Minister of sport, members of Parliament said the program is perfect for teenagers who need more physical activity in their lives. Elena organized community events such as BBQs and Family Day. She recently launched new non-profit organization United Community and has a fantastic ideas for out city. Although Elena not yet our City Councillor, many people ask her for help and she always addresses issues and she has helped to so many people and businesses.

What is most important, Elena has a lot of energy, she is extremely positive and she always has solutions for solving problems. Her dream is to make our community a better place to live and raise out children. Her ideas to reduce gridlock, to convert Mississauga to a pedestrian friendly city, to help seniors and youth deserve to be heard. We need more professionals at our City Council and we need to give her opportunity to deal with our concerns and implement our ideas.